Airport Security with Noonorse is more than a story. Noonorse, the main character in the narrative, will accompany children, ages two to five, on their flight adventures and help them understand the sequence of what happens before boarding a plane, from checking bags to going through security to showing the flight attendant their boarding pass. It also teaches young children the symbols that can be found in airports. Once on the plane, children will buckle up and watch the safety demonstration and much more. The fluffy, cuddly Noonorse shows kids how it all works! Added bonuses are the game recognition pages that decode airport symbols and a vocabulary of common terms associated with air travel.

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Who: Diana Lipnick-Feld
When: Sunday, March 12 at 11:30 AM
The Book Jewel
6259 W 87th Street
Westchester, CA 90045

About the Author

Diana Lipnick-Feld, author and illustrator of Airport Security with Noonorse, is an artist living in Los Angeles. Inspired by everyday life and nature, she delights in telling stories through her bookmaking, collage, painting, and sculpture.

Noonorse the bear, a gift from Diana’s parents to their great-grandchildren, became her companion on a transcontinental flight from France to the United States. Noonorse is the transliteration of “Nounours,” the French word for bear.

On her journey with Noonorse, Diana had to show the bear for scanning at every security checkpoint. During many hours lined-up at the airport and waiting to board airplanes, Diana began to sketch her surroundings.

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Book Reviews

Clever way to prepare for air travel with kids!


We have 2- and 4-year-old children and are reluctant to travel by air but are forced to to visit with family. This book is exactly what we needed to prepare our kids for the frustrating airport security process. We’ve been reading it to them at bedtime for the last few days and they love it! The book, along with conversations about what to expect, is a great combo to make for a seamless trip…fingers crossed! Great illustrations and high quality. Highest recommendation *****.

— Todd Butler

I truly loved this book!!


What a great idea to familiarize our little ones with their first flight and airport security requirements. Beautiful illustrations too. Great affordable gift.

— Corinne Allemand